News! Effective mid-2011 IE Services Ltd can now access the black box data of select vehicle models, including VE Holden Commodores.

IE Services Ltd has, very luckily, not been significantly affected by the Christchurch Earthquakes and continues to operate as normal.

We do not, unfortunately, offer Structural or Civil Engineering services. We do wish the best for everyone affected by this terrible event and offer our sincerest condolences to those who have suffered great loss.

IE Services Ltd is located outside of the Christchurch CBD and is relatively undamaged. Some damage to buildings has occurred at our location but the office escaped without any appreciable building damage and is still secure and weathertight.

We are pleased to report that no client material or data has been lost or compromised during this event and subsequent aftershocks. As per usual, we are still:

Finding the Answers You Need!

Investigative Engineering Services Ltd are at the forefront of Collision Investigation and Forensic Engineering. Talk to us today for the investigation of:

• Transportation accidents

• Criminal activities (in relation to physical evidence)

• Sporting accidents (hang-gliding, kayaking, cycling etc)

• Equipment and machine failure

Accidents can happen to anyone. We can assist:

• Individuals accused or convicted in criminal or civil litigation

• Crash victims or the relatives/friends of a crash victim

• The Police

• Lawyers

• Crown Solicitors

• Coroners

• Government Entities such as NZTA and TechNZ.

• Insurance companies

• Other industry groups and associations

We can begin our investigation process at any point following the event:

• Immediately post accident/incident

• Litigation preparation

• Coroner’s hearings

• Incident reporting (e.g. internal company reports)

• Claim validation (insurance)